We provide opinions and advice to science teachers, state legislators and Public Education officials in New Mexico on scientific subject matter related to origins science education in public schools.  We also provide speakers and seminars on a wide range of relevant topics.


Speakers' Bureau Topics

We will provide speakers for single topics that can be covered in roughly one hour, depending on your schedule requirements, or we can provide a series of presentations and videos that would be appropriate for workshops, seminars, or retreats. To request a speaker or to get more information, contact Mike Edenburn at 505-869-2911 or

What is Intelligent Design? (60 minutes)

What intelligent design is and what it is not

It is not religion.

It is not creation science.

It is not a replacement theory for Darwinian evolution.

It is based on observation of scientific evidence.

Characteristics of intelligent design

A brief history of the intelligent design movement

Intelligent design and education

The current legal status of intelligent design

Objectives of the intelligent design movement


A Survey of Scientific Evidence about Evolution and Design (60 minutes)

Chemical evolution

Miller-Urey experiment

Natural synthesis of organic molecules

Neo-Darwinian evolution

The fossil record

Homology and embryology

Micro- and macro- evolution

The limits of neo-Darwinian evolution

Design in biology

Modern concept of the cell

DNA, RNA, and proteins

Molecular machines

Molecular microprocessors

Design in the cosmos

Videos Related to Design--Show and Discuss (60 minute videos)

Unlocking the Mystery of Life

Privileged Planet

Icons of Evolution

Science Topics in More Depth (60 minutes each)

Methodological Naturalism and the Integrity of Science

Micro-, Macro-, and Mega-Evolution

The Basic Characteristics of the Fossil Record

The Modern Concept of the Cell

The Modern Concept of the Genome

The Current Status of Origin of Life Research

The Anthropic Coincidences (Cosmic Fine Tuning)

Molecular Machines

Microprocessor Controlled Systems at the Molecular Level


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